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Barriers are made to be broken

We expand networks, develop talent and accelerate growth. CoLabL is where people turn to connect, learn and lead. We prioritize relationships and drive awareness into action.

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We all want to be seen, heard and valued.

Sometimes barriers stand in our way – the voice in our head, our fear of change, others’ judgements, a lack of connections, limited skills and experience. Our growth is rooted in and accelerated by the company we keep (Co), the experiences and experiments we engage in (Lab), and how we lead our lives (L). At CoLabL, we expand your network, develop your talent and accelerate your growth.

  • Dan has easily been one of the best external partners I've worked with in my career. As someone who is incredibly passionate about mentoring and aligning talent to opportunity, he helped my LinkedIn team establish a country wide mentorship program to connect our top tier talent with top tier mentors. I cannot thank Dan enough for his diligence to keep my timelines honest, his thought leadership in the space, and his incredible energy put forward in creating an amazing program for the team. I'm lucky to have had Dan as a partner and am happy to vouch for him in the future.
    Greg Butler
    Head of Customer Success, Chicago LinkedIn
  • We hired Daniel to facilitate several staff brand training sessions. What I noticed immediately was that Daniel worked VERY closely with us to really align and customize the sessions to our team's needs—not a "one-size-fits-all" approach—which I felt was highly effective and made efficient use of our time. He embraces and integrates feedback to continually evolve programs, and brings a great deal of energy and expertise to each session. Daniel has helped our team gain greater confidence in messaging, storytelling, and networking. With Daniel's help, they are truly developing the skills needed to serve as effective brand ambassadors—and now we are expanding these training opportunities to other key stakeholder communities like our Board and Affinity Group leaders. If you are looking for a relationship-driven, results-oriented, and interactive training facilitator, I highly recommend Daniel.
    Lesleigh Irish-Underwood
    Chief Marketing Office, United Way NYC
  • His work defines "shared value" - Dan is able to navigate perspectives from a range of partners and sectors, and produce campaigns and initiatives that achieve the goals of all stakeholders involved. He's able to marry his deep knowledge of mentoring and youth engagement with his experience in the corporate world to drive real impact.
    Bari Saltman
    Social Impact at LinkedIn
  • I highly recommend Daniel to facilitate training on topics such as self-awareness, communication, and teamwork. Those who attended, are still talking about it.
    Kerry Brennan
    Chief Operating Officer at Worcester Community Action Council, Inc.
  • Daniel's coaching allowed me to gain perspective on my work and accelerate my growth as a professional.
    Brian Kilkelly
    Learning and Development Director at City Year
  • Dan's expertise, project management skills, and passion for what he does is unrivaled. As a longstanding partner and consultant, supporting and guiding Starbucks mentoring initiatives, we have benefited greatly from his direction and leadership. Dan has effectively built capacity within our company across multiple business units and facilitated collaboration among multiple organizations (both corporate and community based).
    Sean Greenlee
    Global Social Impact at Starbucks
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