Talent Accelerator

Program Overview

The Talent Accelerator engages students and employee volunteers in virtual experiences that equip them with the mindset, knowledge, skills and network to succeed at work and in life. We are committed to providing opportunity by removing barriers.

Our program model includes…
  • Project-based Learning - Students gain knowledge and skills by completing a series of authentic, engaging and complex tasks.
  • Career Exploration – Students explore diverse career pathways through project-based learning and mentorship.
  • Skill Development – Students develop skills that are in high demand among employers through projects, mentorship and online courses.
  • Network Expansion – Students increase their awareness of and access to opportunities through relationships with peers and mentors.
The overall experience includes…
  • Employer Partnerships - Employers sponsor virtual learning and networking experiences for students selecting from a menu of projects or customizing a project-based learning experience.
  • Student Engagement - Students sign up for an employer-sponsored experience and are organized into squads of up to 10 students. Each squad is supported by squad leaders. Students complete individual and/or team projects plus mission-based challenges.
  • Social Capital - Students leverage their peers and a team of employee volunteers serving as career mentors to complete their projects and challenges.
  • Skill Development - Students have access to a set of online courses to support the completion of projects and challenges plus develop high demand skills. Feedback from peers and career mentors is focused on key skill areas.
  • Points and Prizes - Students earn points as they complete projects and challenges, unlocking opportunities to further support career development, networking and learning.
  • Student Reflection - Students reflect on their learning, networking, and cohort experiences through the development of their project-based learning portfolio. Students are invited to contribute to the design of future projects and challenges.
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