Connections Driving Careers with AppDynamics

AppDynamics executives model a commitment to accelerating the careers of under-represented talent in partnership with CoLabL.

Ever since COVID impacted our ability to convene in person, the AppDynamics team has not missed a step – partnering with CoLabL to engage employees with under-represented talent in our Career Connections and Talent Accelerator programs. These initiatives are designed to expand networks, strengthen skills, and accelerate career growth.

We had the opportunity to engage the executive team at AppDynamics in March in a Career Connections event supporting talent from Braven and Communities In Schools. Chief of Staff Amy Hansen shared, “The CoLabL mentoring session was such a rewarding experience – you can’t help but feel inspired by these incredible young people and excited about what they’ll go on to achieve over the coming years.”

Julie, a young leader from Braven shared, “As an undergraduate student, this mentoring event provided great insights on how to accelerate my career.”

“These types of events encourage me to put myself out there in a different way than I do naturally on a day-to-day basis,” writes Veronica, a young leader from Communities In Schools. “I always come out of these experiences having ideas for ways to improve my work ethic and better develop my professional skills.”

We are going to keep accelerating the careers of under-represented talent with AppDynamics in our next Career Connections event on April 16, 2021 and with their incredible scholarship support for 20 young leaders from COOP engaging this month in our Talent Accelerator.

A special thank you to Nadine James and Will Telfer for their incredible vision, leadership, and collaboration!

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