3 Themes from a Global Discussion on Youth Mentoring

Over 100 participants from 15+ countries joined the Power of Mentoring: Global Youth Town Hall on April 29, 2021.

We collaborated with six regional mentoring networks including MENTORMENTOR CanadaMentoring Alliance SingaporeThe Diana Award, the European Center for Evidence-based Mentoring, and Future Now.

Attendees were engaged in a dynamic panel discussion followed by opportunities to connect in smaller groups with peers and mentors from across the globe. Our panelists included Ivette Maza Cabrera (US), Delia Pak (Singapore), Ipellie Foo (Canada), Lanre Adeleye (UK), and Hamza Nawaz Butt (Netherlands).

Several themes emerged from the discussion including:

  • Technology increases access to relationship building opportunities.
  • Global connections help us broaden our perspectives.
  • Great mentoring embraces and explores the context of mentees, giving greater agency to young people to guide the relationship.

Panelist Ipellie Foo, Coordinator at Deloitte Indigenous from Ottawa, Ontario shared, “There were so many great connections made and amazing key takeaways that all participants gained.”

Through global collaborations, we discover so much that we have in common while exploring our differences as well. CoLabL is committed to supporting the Global Mentoring Collaborative and will be hosting additional events later this year

Participants joined an interactive exercise and shared one word that came to mind when they thought of mentoring.

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