Increasing Access to Opportunity with BIPOC Tech Talent

Okta partners with CoLabL to facilitate a six-month mentoring program for/with BIPOC talent and mentors from multiple tech companies.

After collaborating with Okta to design and pilot the six-month, paid Fellowship program called the Equity Accelerator for/with BIPOC talent, CoLabL expanded its partnership to offer a six-month Breakthrough Mentoring program. 

We ran the program Aug. 2021Jan. 2022 and connected BIPOC talent ages 18+ with mentors from multiple tech companies including Okta, Comcast, PagerDuty, AppDynamics/Cisco, and Apple. Mentees were recruited from Per Scholas, COOP, JVS, Jopwell, and Year Up. 

The goals of the mentorship program were to expand and diversify networks in the tech sector, upskill in areas of high demand, and unlock opportunities for economic growth. 

In addition to monthly mentoring sessions, participants engaged in monthly coaching sessions where we equipped them with tools and activities related to relationship building, goal setting, navigating change, and self-advocacy.

“It was truly a well-designed program, and I can attest it was beneficial to the mentors and I’m sure the mentees,” writes mentor Greg McLeod from Okta.

We believe that connection is critical to succeed at work and in life, especially for those starting their careers or pivoting to new roles in remote or hybrid workplaces. 

One Breakthrough Mentoring participant shared in the program evaluation, “I was going through a career change and started a new job. I didn’t have a mentor at work and was navigating a remote work environment; it was perfect timing for me to have a mentor.”

We invite you to learn more about our Breakthrough Mentoring program model.

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