Talent Accelerator

This scalable, virtual experience for employers engages employees with underrepresented talent, supports diversity recruitment and retention, and develops talent in line with business goals.

Our project-based learning model assists employers in assessing competencies of future talent while supporting underrepresented talent in developing their professional portfolios, skills and network.


Talent engages in new learning, gathers context and examples, and explores pathways.


Talent develops original work and gathers feedback from peers and career mentors.


Talent presents capstone project materials and gathers additional feedback from career mentors.


Talent engages in self-reflection on their experience, growth and application of learning.

Elements of the experience include:

Talent Accelerator

Track Menu

  • Child Development

    Learn all about child development with a particular focus on early childhood education, including program standards, classroom management techniques, curriculum development and career pathways.

  • Community Planning & Development

    Explore what goes into community development by exploring past youth-led development projects and pitch a solution to addressing a weakness you identified in your community.

  • Consumer Behavior

    Explore consumer behavior and the practices of retail stores used to drive customer engagement and sales.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Explore the latest trends in corporate social responsibility, analyze your top favorite brands and develop recommendations to strengthening impact and engagement among employees and customers.

  • Data Analytics

    Gain the basic knowledge, skills, and insights into working in roles at data-driven organizations while exploring the capabilities, challenges and tools of data-driven decision making and storytelling.

  • Digital User Experience

    Learn how to utilize design thinking, user personas and journey mapping to enhance the user experience with digital communications.

  • Employee Onboarding

    Analyze effective employee onboarding at companies such as Cisco, Deloitte and Zappos and contribute your ideas to enhancing the new employee experience.

  • General Career Prep

    Gather insights and tools to support your career preparation in areas including resume writing, cover letters, information interviews and networking, job interviews, LinkedIn profiles and more.

  • HR Talent Development

    Learn about the top skills in demand among employers, how to develop an effective employee training program and respond to a case study challenge by creating a training solution.

  • Inclusive Workplaces

    Examine effective practices in the diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging field and develop your recommendations for creating more inclusive workplaces for diverse talent.

  • Marketing Campaigns

    Learn all about creating effective marketing campaigns by exploring some of the most iconic brands of all time and developing a campaign for a product or cause that you care about.

  • Media Influence

    Analyze highly rated, top watched media content to identify trends and create recommendations for enhancing media influence.

  • Medical Nursing

    Explore nursing career pathways and effective practices in healthcare including patient rights, accident/injury prevention, body mechanics, infection control, patient care and nutrition.

  • Policy and Advocacy

    Explore what a policy is, how policies are developed and how you can create and effectively advocate for a policy addressing an issue that you care about.

  • Product Development

    Explore the product development process by creating a new product from ideation to prototyping and test marketing to pitching.

  • Product Review

    Learn how to effectively review products for consumers by comparing and contrasting products you care about.

  • Project Finance

    Learn all about how to budget a project, prepare your budget recommendations including contingency plans and adapt to budgetary changes in project implementation.

  • Project Management

    Explore project management and practice organizing and developing a project plan for an employer case study.

  • Social Media Audit

    Learn what goes into a social media audit and a day in the life of a social media manager. Plus, practice conducting an audit for an organization of your choice.

  • Sports Management and Marketing

    Learn about diverse career pathways in sports management and develop an understanding of how to create a sports marketing campaign.


What people are saying...

“It was an amazing experience for me because I got to explore other careers/jobs and meet incredible people...”
Program Participant
“Today was the first coaching session, and man it was straightforward, A+ experience.”
“Everything you do is so purposeful, impactful and most importantly genuine times a million.”
“I believe this will ultimately lead to a more confident and energetic me.”
Program Participant

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